About US

Goal & Vision: Our goal is to Cultivate Positive and Productive Civic Practices using modern technology Innovatively and build systems & Solutions around it.

Overview of EverythingCivic:

The need and desire for civic and government agencies to be more intricately connected is growing rapidly. And thanks to the development of online initiatives like e-Democracy, Gov. 2.0 and the Open Government Initiative, the ability to do so is becoming a reality to cities, towns and communities everywhere.

The growth of civic connectedness stems from a need for:

EverythingCivic.com (alias ‘EC’) is able to provide these services to all non-emergency services through its web and mobile platform. EC provides civic agencies with the capability to gather, track, analyze, store and publish civic-related data and information. The collection of this data can then be used to encourage citizens, government agencies, community groups, media and civic organizations to work together to stabilize, improve, maintain, grow and take pride in their community.

Civic practices are wide and varied. From littering and garbage to leash laws and traffic flow—civic practices are born out of repetition and habit. Most of these habits are what keeps life moving along as it should, but at EC, we believe that it is the responsibility of government, municipalities and civic organizations to always be looking for ways to maintain and enhance the level of safety, comfort and enjoyment of life for the people they are serving.

Websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Hotline numbers, forums and even personal contact are all valuable resources to make this happen, but research shows some of these outlets are rarely utilized—especially Hotlines and Personal appearances to an office or a forum/ meeting.

Websites are great as long as they are regularly monitored, maintained and updated. Websites are also a one-way street, so to speak. Only site administrators can post content; leaving communication to be handled through email or phone calls.

This leaves social media sites. These are by far the most utilized, but are used primarily for news announcements, special events and special interest items. The capability to interact is there, and most people don’t hesitate to do so. But municipal, state and central social media accounts are not department-specific (generally speaking). They cannot respond to specific non-emergency issues via a tweet or a wall post. Besides, these types of social media are not meant for such things.

Among many solutions at EC Our SmartCity311 is one such City Branded mobile & cloud-based system based application which is based on Open311 protocols that citizens can use to report there non emergency civic issues to government, examples of our such apps are Ahmedabad-311, Ajmer-311, Himatnagar-311 and many more. The purpose of these applications is to be able to quickly and efficiently communicate civic issues and to promote civic participation in any number of non-emergency situations by voting, commenting and following a issue.

Our SmartCity311 City branded application has the capability to take your community to the next level of growth and development by giving its citizens a sense of ownership, responsibility and pride in where they live.

For more information about us contact info@everythingcivic.com